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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) focuses on meeting the needs of businesses for skilled workers and the training, education, and employment needs of individuals. Key components of the Act enable customers to easily access the information and services they need through the Workforce Center system; empower adults to obtain the training they find most appropriate through Individual Training Accounts (ITA), and ensure that all state and local programs meet customer expectations. 

The Workforce Center is designed to enhance services provided to businesses as well as job seekers. It does this through our partnerships with various employers as well as a variety of social agencies. The overall goal of the Midlands Workforce System is to meet all the employment needs within the Midlands area. 

There are Workforce Centers located throughout South Carolina and around the country. This website, and the information it contains is specific for the Workforce Centers located in the Midlands of South Carolina (Richland, Lexington, and Fairfield counties).

WIOA Eligibility  WIOA is federally funded and based on eligibility guidelines. To see if you're eligible, please visit your local SC Works Center:


Please bring the following when visiting an SC Works Center:

     1) Social Security Card (must have the CARD).

     2) Photo Identification (like a Driver's License) with CORRECT address.
    3) Paycheck Stub or other verification of income (if you've worked in the past 6 months).

Please be aware that you will not likely be eligible for all the program's services if you are in default of a Student Loan, or if you are not registered with US Selective Services (if you are male and over the age of 18).


WIOA provides intensive job search assistance. It is designed to help individuals from all walks of life re-enter the workforce. Case Managers work with you in your work search. You will develop an Employment Plan with your Case Manager, and must remain in contact with him/her throughout your enrollment in WIOA and beyond.  Personal commitment is necessary to benefit from this program. 


Depending on availability and appropriateness, training may be provided if you are unable to find work with your current skills. The first mandate, however, is to help customers search for work in a field where they already have training or experience. 


Due to growing interest and demand, not all those who are eligible under federal guidelines will be enrolled into the program. An initial assessment will be done to determine the appropriateness of enrolling each person, based on their individual needs and current resources.

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