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The Midlands Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program provides funding for training needed due to:

Expansion, new technology, retooling, new services/product lines and new organizational structuring or as part of a layoff aversion strategy. IWT may also fund training in new businesses if those jobs are ineligible for assistance through ReadySC™.  IWT is funded by the Federal Workforce Innovative & Opportunity Act (WIOA).  Applications are open to all South Carolina businesses meeting the guidelines listed below (there will be a waiting period of 120 days for new or expanding businesses that displaced workers elsewhere in the United States).

To qualify for consideration, training must be skills-based. Mandatory industry or safety training is not allowable.

Businesses applying for funding must:

  • Have at least one full-time employee


  • Be current on all state tax obligations

  • Be a private business or private non-profit organization (Training Entities, City, County, and State Governments are not eligible to receive IWT Funds)

For program requirements, guidelines, and application, please visit

​​To learn more about how IWT can benefit your business, please contact:


Caroline Jewett

To be added to IWT Funding Notification Distribution List, please email

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